Color therapy

Color therapy
Can you hear the color?
Photo: Many of us have personally met people who see or sense colors where there are none, assign certain shades to the days of the week or visualize music like an equalizer. Some find practical applications for their unusual abilities.More
Color therapy
Baker-Miller Pink experiment
Baker-Miller Pink (or Drunk-Tank Pink, Prison Pink) is a shade of pink that used to reduce the level of aggression by particularly violent prisoners in prisons. A bit of history In the late 1960s, U.S. psychologist Alexander G.More
Color therapy
Colour trends for men and women
Pink for girls, blue for boys: we heard this phrase many times from parents or school teachers. But, in fact, this is nothing more than a gender myth, a common misconception that many of us still willingly believe.More
Color therapy
The color of pain
Pain is a signal to the body about failures and malfunctions. Yes, each person suffers pain in his own way: someone faints at the sight of dental instruments, and someone treats his teeth even without anesthesia. How to set the level of pain felt by a person?More
Color therapy
Luscher Test
Color has a rather strong impact on us: some tones induce melancholy, while others, on the contrary, delight and inspiration, some colors irritate the nervous system, others - soothe.More
Color therapy
The color that saves lives
Usually we see accustomed to see doctors in white robe and already subconsciously associate the medical profession with this color. The white clothes of the medical workers explained with the practicality of this color.More
Color therapy
Color meaning in religion
Color has symbolic meaning in many in many cultures and religions. Let us consider the meaning of the colors in such religions as: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism. Christianity. In Christianity, a rather limited color palette is used - mostly black and white.More
Color therapy
The strange names of colors
Every day we are confronted with a lot of colors and shades. Some names we know from childhood, and the name of the other not even think about. Despite the official classification, the creative people came up with fancy names of colors, which will not meet every day.More
Color therapy
The ugliest color in the world
Different colors affect the person in different ways. Some cause calm, others - anxiety or joy. But there are colors that do not cause any feelings, except disgust. Let`s analize this most vile of existing colors and its practical application.More
Color therapy
Experiment with a red dress
Red is one of the most exciting color of the visible spectrum. For example, the woman in the red dress (or any clothes of this color) just magically affects the behavior of men around, it seems more accessible and enticing.More
Color therapy
Favorite color
Since ancient times people are looking for relationships between personality type and any parameters. The relationship of human nature and color has been repeatedly confirmed by scientists, by the way, there is even a whole branch of science – psychology of color.More
Color therapy
Magic of the red color
The perception of red color has evolved over thousands of years to help us to distinguish edible fruits from their natural contrasting environment. Yes, the bright red color certainly attracts our attention, but the essence of its impact on our brain, much deeper.More
Color therapy
Fear of the color or chromophobe
Chromophobe or fear of colors is often seen in people with rapid reaction to certain olors. Such people can completely exclude a specific color from his life, avoiding it at all. The fear of each color has also its name, for example, the fear of red is photophobia, and yellow — xanthophobia.More
Color therapy
The theory of gender schemes
Gender significantly affects color preferences. Even from a young age we are beginning to impose information related to gender, trying to build a particular concept. It can be some hobby, games, sports, eating habits, clothes and of course a color.More
Color therapy
How does color affects the perception of food taste?
Have you noticed how the color of food or dishes from which you eat affect on the perception of taste? The Scientists from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and Oxford University noticed and conducted the number of experiments.More