Mixing colors

Perhaps the most intriguing in coloring is the ability to mix colors. This knowledge can be useful both in writing the picture, and when creating a design for your own flat. Unfortunately, the paint market may not have the desired shades, but this is not a problem, because any tone we can create ourselves.

Initially there are only three primary colors that our eyes perceive, they can not be created by mixing — red, yellow and blue. But mixed these colors, you can get almost any shade. For example, green is obtained if you mix blue and yellow, orange — red and yellow, and red and blue in equal proportions will give a purple color. If you use all three colors, then — we get black, although not very clear, so black and white is also recommended to have in your piggy bank at once.

 Of course, the great artists can create much more complex combinations by changing the proportions of the desired color. For example, Van Gogh competing with another artist, could amazingly accurately reproduce the right shade of green color called «green Paolo Veronese». To achieve such a result was considered quite difficult, even for the professional. And at the time of writing the masterpiece «Starry Night» the whole palette of blue shades was used: dark blue-green (blue + yellow), blue with a shade of violet (blue + red + white), royal blue (blue + manjet-pink) and other.

 Of course,there is no need to search for rare shades in the ordinary life, but knowledge of the basics of coloristics will come in handy. It is especially important to be able to receive harmonious shades choosing color solutions for your home. The palette in the store is limited, and accordingly, there is an occasion to try yourself in the role of an artist and play with color. For everyone, there are helpers are the color tables or the ColorMix application.

Mix to your taste, but it is worth considering that the paint should be of the same consistency, ideally, of one firm, in order to obtain a uniform shade.


Coloristic tools

Interactive color wheel will allow you to pick harmonious combination
Add more style to your life with color matching in real time
Generate main, dominant colors of image
Assistant for mixing and organizing paints
Color & Clothes selection assist. Individual photo/camera color-type detection
Make your home interior Harmonious
Image harmony filter. Color selection helper