Сolor wheel

Подбор Цвета

Подбор Цвета

Interactive color wheel will allow you to pick harmonious colour combination

This is your handy, interactive Classic Color Wheel (basic colors: red, yellow, and blue). The best functions for finding harmonious color combinations are now available in one application.

Color selection is the major part of the design. Identify the basic shade is easy, but combine it with additional colors could be difficult. This application allows you to make color selection as easy as possible, reduce the time for finding the right color combination to a minimum.
If you:
• Do not know how to combine and balance colors together?
• Cannot decide on the color scheme of the interior?
• Doubt when choosing a color scheme for a patchwork quilt?
• Cannot decide which shirt is best for a new skirt?
Then this application is for you. Especially for designers and webmasters, for everyone who loves harmony in color.

Use color rule. The application helps to define a balanced color combination with Color Harmony Rules: triad, tetrad, contrast, analogous, harmonious combination, split-complementary, 6 intermediate colors.

Use photo. Take an inspiring photo and click on the object of interest, and the application will select color combinations for it.

Use Color Wheel. It is very simple to find the best color combination – just move the markers on the color wheel or enter its code, adjust the brightness, change the color rule and save the result.

Use color name. Beginners can select the color by its name. Simply enter a color name, and the application will find the best combinations for it.

Use palette. You can click and expand every palette with set of different harmonious shades. Using set of shades is much more convenient than a gradient.
Choose the optimal color combinations based on the rules of color harmony.

Подбор Цвета

Подбор Цвета

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